Vintage Virgen ?


 I Don't know what the Fu%#  is vintage ! 

Vintage fashion has become the super trend of the past years! And most of us don't  understand it or get it. Which is totally fine. But let me explain the basics! Is it second hand clothing? Yes. Is it trending? Yes.  Is it Expensive? price ranges? lets read a little …  

Well, Fashion is a cycle what is not trending now my be trending the next year and so on. Vintage my be trending know but is important to know the benefits and be a wear  that is the beat trend ever!!!!  Vintage is  timeless fashion that has multiple benefits. Such has helping the environment , recycling , stop consuming and discarding etc. Vintage is second hand clothing from other eras 90’s , 80’s , 70’s with super fun prints and exiting designs! Clothing that  has 20’s years or more is consider vintage. Most important is a great way to incorporate unique styles and looks to your wardrobe. When buying vintage is normal for it to show signs of wear and some discoloration do not be alarmed! Vintage Shopping experts  even love the stains in there vintage t shirts they say it tells a story and it gives it character. So if you're picky well  just hop on the good vibe bus and chill a bit its a 20 year old item! The Prices for good quality vintage and vintage goods can be pricy !  Since is a more exclusive and very hard to find some items can get a big tag $$! But is totally normal. The price of the item is determined in the exclusivity and condition. Average less expensive vintage can go for $15-$60 while more rare can go $100-$1000 all depends in brand , condition and exclusivity.

Do not fall for Modern being sell has Vintage ! How to know ? Check the brands and if you can find it at your local Marshalls well that's a big sign that that item is not vintage! Second hand value is NOT the same as Vintage Value is less depending on the brand. Forever 21, Zara & Marshall second hand clothing should not exceed de $5-$15 dollar mark. Why ? Well most of the average  prices of this  particular stores mark the  $20 dollar range. You can go to the actual Zara or Forever  21 store and find  new $10 dollar dresses and tops so it all depends on how much you really like the item and if you just love to support the second hand movement. Overall don't over pay for modern second hand unless the brand is a more prime and good quality. Prime modern second hand brands  : Lucky Brand , Nordstrom, Gap , Free People  etc. Which new normal price tags are $60 dollars and up. Is ok to pay $20 - $30 in good condition.

Luxury brands well is another story they always maintain there value so $$$ yes is normal that used LV is still $700 or more. 

 Shopping vintage is more than just buying clothes is a life style that tells a story.

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